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Welcome to the Glenwood City Area Chamber of Commerce
Welcome to the Glenwood City Area Chamber of Commerce

An Announcement about our 2021 Operations

After much discussion at our November 11, 2020 meeting, the 2020 Glenwood City Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Board has decided to go on a 12-month hold of operations. Unless someone steps forward to help pick up operations, the Chamber of Commerce will dissolve on November 11, 2021. The decision was not taken lightly – but we feel that it is, unfortunately, the most viable solution going forward. 

As a result of this hold, we will not be collecting dues for 2021 from businesses. As for Chamber Dollars, they will continue to be valid at any participating member listed on the back of the certificate through November 1, 2021.

The general decline of involvement has been present for many years. Based on the current level of involvement and lack of input/responses from our members over the possible dissolution, we feel the return for the effort needed to keep the Chamber going is not effective. Also, as a Chamber, we have many ideas and ways we’d like to help Glenwood City businesses and community grow and prosper, but they simply cannot be done with the current level of involvement.

As business owners ourselves, we understand the many hats we all wear. And certainly, COVID-19 hasn’t helped matters this year, either. It is for those reasons that we decided to go on a hold of operations instead of immediate dissolution. In the event that there are business or community members who would like to take the operations over, as opposed to starting a new organization from scratch, it will be easier to pick things up again.

If anyone is interested in continuing the Chamber and would like to be an officer, please reach out to Jenn Kuehl, 2021 President at 715-781-2373 or Joan Bartz, Social Media and Outreach through the chamber coordinator email at gcchambercoordinator@gmail.com within the next 12 months. We will determine if there is enough interest in the Chamber before its scheduled dissolution.

We would like to close by saying that the Chamber does appreciate those who have given us feedback, and the support we have received over the years in events and fundraisers sponsored by the Chamber. Our hope is that the long-term hold of operations will show whatever impact an absence of a Chamber in our community will have; whether it shows that the Chamber’s mission and efforts are needed and important enough to keep going, or confirm that the Chamber’s dissolution is the best course of action.

The 2020 Glenwood City Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Board


Welcome to the Glenwood City Area Chamber of Commerce!

The Glenwood City Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is a not-for-profit business membership organization with more than 35 members throughout the area. An elected Board of Directors governs the Chamber.

The mission statement of the Chamber is: to advance the general welfare and prosperity of the Glenwood City Area so that its citizens and all areas of its business community shall prosper. All necessary means of promotion shall be provided and particular attention and emphasis shall be given to the economic, civic, commercial, industrial and educational interest of the area.

2020 Executive Board

President: Heidi Coe
Vice President: Jenn Kuehl
Secretary: Melissa Rott
Treasurer: Terri Swanepoel
Past President: Vicki Wilke
Membership Chair: Luke Wolf
Social Media & Outreach: Joan Bartz

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